2013 Graduation


The Peguis Central School Graduation took place Tuesday, July 25, 2013 at Peguis Central School.

The Valedictorian Address was made by Joshua Robinson and Shelby Johnson. Chief Glenn Hudson gave a special message to the grads on behalf of Peguis Chief and Council.

Dr. Pamela Palmater, a special guest keynote speaker, addressed the grads following Mrs. Carrie Sutherland who gave a message on behalf of Peguis School Board.

Peguis Central School, Peguis School Board and Peguis Chief and Council would like to congratulate the 2013 Graduates and wish them the best in their future endeavours.

The 2013 Peguis Central School Graduates are:

Abel Bear
Brandy Bear
Janine Bear
Candace Cameron
Cree Destiny Chapman
Kayla Favel
Amy Flett
Jordan Flett
Jodyne Hudson
Shelby Johnson
Ashton McCorrister
Betayjane McCorrister
Joshua Robinson
Shayna Spence
Brandie Stevenson
Lyndon Stevenson
Tessa Stevenson
Vanessa Stevenson
Ashley Stevenson
Ashley Sutherland
Eva Sutherland
Alex Thomas
Alisha Thompson
John Traverse
Lex Pruden Wilson

Photo Credit: Alyssa Bird


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