Bi Pole III Community Consultation


Two Community Meetings and two Round Table discussions regarding Bipole III were held in Peguis and Selkirk on October 24th and 26th, and November 27th and 29th. Attendance by community members was high at each event. Approximately 300 community members showed their concern and interest by attending the Bipole III community events regarding proposed transmission corridor. Many elders and land users attended.

A survey regarding possible impacts from the Bipole III transmission project on Peguis lands, traditional activities, and rights has collected the concerns of Peguis members, and observations regarding impacts, accommodation of Peguis rights, and next steps regarding this and other Hydro projects. Two hundred Peguis members completed the survey.

Primary concerns regarding Bipole III from community members include; impacts for those that depend on hunting and trapping; decreases for harvesters, gatherers of the medicines, the berries and plant; steps taken without notifying Peguis and consultation funds being too late in the process; Manitoba government consultation standards; reduction in both crown and private lands available for Peguis TLE; use of pesticides in the corridor and effects on the natural world; incomplete information about the new converter station.

Peguis First Nation will be filing its report about Bipole III with the Manitoba government soon. The Crown will be informed of our nation’s position regarding Bipole III. The community consultation team wishes to thank everyone who attended, filled out the survey, and provided their knowledge to the project.


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