Chief Peguis Pipe Bowl Visit


Hunter’s & Gathers Feast

On Saturday, December 1, 2012, the Chief Peguis Pipe Bowl visited Peguis First Nation during the Annual Hunters and Gathering Feast. Students of Peguis Central School hunted, trapped and gathered food in honor of the ways of our people. A feast was held for community members which also honoured Chief Glenn Hudson and celebrated the inauguration of a new beaded otter fur Chief’s hat made by women in the community. The Loud Eagle Drum Group performed during the feast.

The Chief Peguis Pipe Bowl, which is now in the keeping of The Manitoba Museum, is a black pipestone horses head pipe bowl which once belonged to Chief Peguis (1774 – 1864).

Chief Peguis’ pipe bowl has been in the Hudson’s Bay Company Collection for more than 80 years and has been at the Manitoba Museum since the HBC Gallery opened in 2000. According to available records, the pipe was purchased from Charles Prince of St. Peter’s, a great-grandson of Chief Peguis, by William Flett, on behalf of the Hudson’s Bay Company. It was last on display in 1936 at the Leipzig Fair in Germany.“ The Manitoba Museum.


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