Child Care Provider for a Before & After School Program


1 – Child Care Provider for a Before & After school Program

Child Care Providerrequired for a Part timeterm from October2021toJune2022to work at Peguis Free Spirits Child Care Centre with early childhood educators, child care assistants, support staff and children 4 years old.

The Child Care Provideris to provide primary care for a before and after school program, along with assisting with the care and education of all children enrolled in daycare and to be a role model for all children at work and in the community.

Child Care Provider provides in the following areas:


• Maintain constant supervision of all children during indoor and outdoor play periods
• Maintain a clean and healthy environment for children and adults by performing light housekeeping duties and simple repairs
• Assist children in self-help skills and models good hygienic practices
• Is responsible to read over each child’s registration forms and know of any health or safety concerns
• Report and document accidents and injuries to the parents and supervisor before completion of shift
• Observe children daily for symptoms of common childhood conditions and illnesses
• Reports incidents of suspected abuse upon discovery as per Centre policy and the Child Abuse Protocol
• Responds warmly to children’s physical needs such as diapering, toileting, eating and napping/resting


• Implements a balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, free/structured, individual/group activities that will encourage development at a level appropriate for each of the children
• Guides, demonstrates and encourages children’s activities throughout the day
• Organizes space, equipment and material prior to activities


• Is responsible for getting to know each child, their behaviors and how to handle them on a manner that does not degrade the child but encounters them to use self-control
• Sets realistic expectations appropriate to their ages and assists them to help themselves
• Models appropriate conduct in and around the centre setting, ie: using words, walking in the centre, modeling usage of toys and equipment
• Uses positive guidance methods, such as praising and encouraging ; redirection when necessary
• Assists children in expressing themselves by listening and responding
• Contributes to and follows the behavior management guidelines established by Centre


• Respect and accept each child and their families as a whole
• Be warm and welcoming when a parent brings their children to the centre
• Informs parents about their children’s experiences at the day care on a regular basis
• Recognizes and respects the culture, social background, child rearing and religious belief and practices of the family
• Inform other staff of any problems the child may be having at home and any instructions the parents may have


• Follows the policies of the centre
• Is subject to and respects all Peguis First Nation employee policies
• Dresses appropriately and models cleanliness and good hygienic practices
• Owns their positions, takes pride in their work, and is self-directed to excelling in that position
• Is punctual and does their share of the workloads
• Works as part of a team and is courteous to fellow employees
• Maintains confidentiality


• Grade 12 diploma
• Updated clear child abuse registry check & updated clear criminal record check
• Declaration of Covid-19 vaccine
• Work shifted schedules varying from 11:30amto 5pm and 8:30am to 1:30pm from Monday to Friday *shifts accommodate the PCS Nursery classes
• Current First Aid/child CPR certificate or willing to take the course
• Honest, trustworthy and respectful in your approach with children
• Able to implement activities to meet children’s needs
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills.


• Competitive salaries; the centre follows the 2018-2019 MCCA competitive salary scale
• Priority for child care enrolment
• Healthy work environment
• Paid statutory and local holidays; ex: Aboriginal Justice day, Indigenous Day
• Paid one hour lunch and two-15 minute breaks
• Paid professional development opportunities

All applicants will be thoroughly screened through a review process.

Child Care Providerwage: $15 per hour

Interested applicants must submit the following:
(1) resume with three references, (2) current criminal record,
(3) current child abuse registry check, (4) declaration of vaccination to:

Geraldine Monkman – Director
Peguis Free Spirits Child Care Centre (drop off)
Box 29 Peguis, MB. R0C 3J0 (by mail) (email)
204-645-3686 (fax)

Deadline for submission: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Position to start – Monday, October 4, 2021

We thank you for your interest; however, please note, only qualified candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

For more information feel free to call the centre @ 204-645-3677.


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