Community Notice – Peguis Central School


In light of the recent COVID-19 crisis, all in-class instruction for Peguis Central School has been indefinitely suspended until further notice.

In consultation with Peguis Chief and Council and the COVID-19 Emergency Management team, these measures are taken to ensure we are diligent in our efforts to protect our students, staff and the general community.

Education Administration are strategically planning to address the needs of our students, parents and staff. The Administration are continually planning to address potential ongoing learning gaps that these disruptions in Education may have caused. Teaching to the curriculum is crucial as well as reading and writing daily. Our staff are committed to providing the best possible support through this challenging time.

Peguis Central School staff will be required to attend work on a staggered basis to complete a second round of homework packages. Upon completion of the packages they will be delivered to the households by our bus services.

All staff will be expected to report to their immediate supervisor for their work schedule. Health recommendations and social distancing will be applied during these work times.

It is crucial that parents encourage and support students in completing the homework packages as they will be used for ongoing assessment. Parents will be responsible to drop off any completed homework packages at a designated drop off site at the Peguis Recreation.

Individual education plans will be set up for all Grade 12 students to ensure that they are completing the basic graduation requirements.

Major school events that may be impacted by these closures will be rescheduled to a later date. Events such as Heritage day, School Pow Wow, Awards day, Prom and Graduations.

All schools in Manitoba are on a suspended basis , please be patient with our administration and staff as we make every attempt to provide the best possible way of administering remote learning to our students.

All work schedules may be subject to change depending on recommendations from Chief and Council or COVID-19 Planning Emergency Management team.

For updates , please listen to Peguis Radio 102. 7or for further information please visit the Peguis First Nation Website.

Carrie Sutherland, Education Director



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