UPDATE – Community Workshop Announcement


Peguis Consultation and Special Projects Office


Peguis First Nation and Enbridge Pipeline Inc. reached a funding agreement for an engagement process in late 2015. Peguis is conducting various activities including technical workshops, surveys and interviews. The Enbridge Pipeline Inc. Line 3 Replacement program will involve pipeline work from Cromer Manitoba near the Saskatchewan border to Gretna at the North Dakota border. (See attached map.)


The project study area crosses both Treaty 1 and 2 territories. The project may potentially affect: wildlife, wetlands, harvesting, hunting, trapping, gathering, habitat, cultural practices and Peguis First Nation interests. Peguis First Nation wishes to gather community member knowledge and feedback to inform Enbridge Pipeline Inc. of issues and concerns. This is a technical workshop; this is a project to share information and collect community information and knowledge.

Workshops will include the following:
1. Peguis First Nation project info,
2. Enbridge Pipeline Inc. Line 3 Replacement Program info,
3. Detailed survey and mapping exercise,
4. Question and answer session,
5. Afternoon and evening sessions,
6. Light supper provided,
7. Please RSVP. Your Attendance is greatly appreciated.

Where: Peguis Community Hall
When: 2:30 – 4:30 PM and 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Friday 6th May

Cheyenne Parisian
204-645-2359 ext. 4030
Toll Free: 1-866-645-2359

Roberta Flett
204-645-2359 ext. 4030
Toll Free: 1-866-645-2359


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