UPDATE RE: COVID-19 Off-Reserve Emergency Assistance


All COVID-19 Off-Reserve Emergency Assistance MUST be mailed out to members and WILL NOT be distributed at 1065 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB. Leadership apologizes for any inconveniences. Due to federal COVID-19 guidelines, cheque distribution cannot take place safely.  

Mailing of COVID-19 Off-Reserve Emergency Assistance has begun today, April 23, 2020.

Return calls to members will be made to those whose COVID-19 Off-Reserve Emergency Assistance is mailed out. Please do not call if you have already registered.

To register for one (1) COVID-19 Off-Reserve Emergency Assistance, please call: (204) 645-5797 or (204) 645-3689 or (204) 645-3677, fax number (204) 645-3686 or email address for documents: covid@peguisfirstnation.ca.

Please call between 9:00 am – 5:00pm to register.

The one (1) time Emergency COVID-19 Assistance is to help with food and cleaning supplies and will be distributed to:

Head of Families: $200.00
Singles: $75.00

You must provide your name, Treaty number, correct mailing address and names of those residing in household.

We ask our members to be patient with workers and thank you for your support through this pandemic.


Chief Glenn Hudson
Councillor Mary Tyler Bear
Councillor Marty Favel
Councillor Annette Spence-Meeches
Councillor Glenis Sutherland
Councillor Wade Sutherland
Councillor Kelvin Charles Wilson


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