Treaty Annuity Payment Requests


If you have not received your treaty payment, download and fill out the Treaty Annuity Payment Request form and email or mail it to your ISC Regional Office.

Treaty Annuity Payment Form

Treaty payments by mail or direct deposit

If you are entitled to treaty annuity payments you can download and fill out a Treaty Annuity Payment Request form and e-mail or mail it to your regional ISC office (addresses are shown on the form).

Make sure to include with your form a photocopy of your Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS card), Certificate of Indian Status (CIS card) or other Government issued photo-identification. If you are submitting the form via email, please attach a picture of identity document(s) to the same email as the form.

Signature requirements

You must sign the form if:

  • you are going to print and mail the form
  • you are requesting a payment for anyone else in addition to yourself, such as minor children or spouse
  • you are requesting payment via direct deposit to a joint bank account

A signature is not required if:

  • you are submitting the form via email and are requesting only your own treaty annuity payment.

Direct deposit instructions

You must complete Section 4(B) of the form if you want to receive your payment by direct deposit.

An amount of $2.01 will be deposited in your account (test deposit) to confirm the banking information provided on the form. Please send us an email at to confirm when you receive the test deposit.

The $2.01 test deposit does not count towards your treaty annuity balance, which will be deposited in your account after you confirm receipt of the test deposit. Remember to include your email address in section 3 of the form so we can send you a reminder about the test deposit.

Manitoba Regional Office Address:
Indigenous Services Canada
#200-365 Hargrave Street
Winnipeg, MB. R3B 3A3
Telephone: (800) 567-9604


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