COVID-19 Variant of Concern Confirmed in Peguis


Peguis Public Health is informing members that the 2 active COVID-19 cases in the community, reported early this week, have been confirmed as variants of concerns. All cases have been identified and contact tracing is complete, Peguis Public Health is confident these cases are contained.

The type of variant is unknown at this time. The sample sent to the Cadham Lab contained markers of a variant of concern but not enough to identify which variant.  We will inform the community once confirmed.

Peguis Public Health has been preparing for this and wants to remind community members to be safe. The community has done so well by ‘Sticking to the Basics’: Wash your hands, wear a face mask when in public or when with people not part of your family bubble, social distance when in public and self-isolate when feeling symptomatic. Minimize the risk and stop the spread of COVID-19 and variants of concern.

Peguis Public Health also reminds members to inform the 24/7 Peguis COVID-19 Emergency Centre at (204) 645-2869 when feeling symptomatic.

Peguis Pandemic Team


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