Delivery of Fish to Peguis First Nation


Delivery of Fish to Peguis First Nation

From Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation

August 27, 2020

Peguis has been notified by Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation that the delivery will be SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 to Peguis First Nation.  

Distribution of fish will be at the Peguis Multiplex starting at 10:00am. This is only for on-reserve membership at this time, if there is surplus this may be distributed to off-reserve members at a later date.

Please make sure you have enough freezer space for your fish, this will not be the responsibility of the Peguis First Nation.  Each person will receive 1 – 5kg box of fish.

Peguis First Nation would like to thank Fisher River Cree Nation for taking on this initiative on behalf of all First Nations’ communities.  Also, the other parties involved with this initiative.

For further information please contact:  1-204-645-2869

Thank you 

Peguis First Nation Chief and Council


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