Education Community Update



As communicated through Peguis First Nation website, there has been new cases of COVID-19 identified in Peguis. Through the recent contact tracing conducted by our Health department it was discovered that two of our staff members have been in contact and have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The contacts occurred over the period of September 30th to October 5th.

The Peguis Health Centre nursing staff continue to follow-up with contact tracing. As standard health procedures are followed, a few staff members have been placed on self isolation status for up to 14 days as precautionary measures to ensure no further cases develop and to eliminate the future spread of the virus. We have confidence in our health professionals to conduct the contact tracing associated with this virus. Should you be contacted by Health professionals it is important to be forthcoming with vital information in regard to any contact tracing. We will continue to support work ing together to maintain the health and wellness of our community.

In consultation with Public Health, Peguis Pandemic Team, Chief and Council and Peguis School Board, it is has been decided that the Peguis Central School will be closed to all staff for a period of two weeks to do proper contact tracing and allow time for people to isolate. The anticipated reopening date is Monday, October 26, 2020. All staff will be informed by their immediate supervisor of any changes to this date. For any new updates follow the Peguis First Nation website.

We must all be diligent in our efforts to slow and eliminate the spread of COVID-19 within our community. The health and wellness of all staff and community members is of the utmost importance as we offer educational services to our students.

If you are feeling any symptoms of COVID-19 please contact the Peguis Health Centre at (204) 645-2169.

Your continued support through these unprecedented times is greatly appreciated in our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.


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