Peguis Power Outage 2019


**Community Update
A emergency hotline has been set up at the Peguis New School, for updated hydro information or emergencies please call (204) 645-2164, if you reach the answering machine press ext. 142.

**Community Update
Any Members staying in personal accommodations in Winnipeg can get food from Winnipeg Food Harvest at 1085 Winnipeg Ave, Winnipeg. Manitoba Health Card is required in order to get food.

**Hydro Update as of Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Updated list of areas within the community that have power:
Peguis School
Peguis Senior Centre
Family Units
Singles Units
55+ Building
Peguis Headstart
Peguis Health Centre
Percy E.Moore Hospital
Chris Stranger/Leslie Daniels
Dallas @ Allan Thompson Jr.
Hodgson to Faye & Dennis Cochrane
Hodgson to Shirley McPherson & Tracy Thomas
New Plishka Houses
Peguis Central to Dallas Main road
Floyd & Faylene Sutherland’s
Leah Stevenson Backroad
Concrete Plant – Favel’s Garage
Patsy & Bob Flett backroad
Bill & Jerry Cochrane
Bill & Wynn Cochrane
Please post below to indicate if power on or off in your area as this will help hydro crews and Peguis administration.
Thank you to hydro crews for working extra long hours to get our community reenergized and power back on!

**Evacuee Update
Due to hotels being full in Winnipeg, the new evacuee arrivals are being put up at the Winnipeg Convention Centre until further notice as other hotels maybe declare vacancies.

**Community Update
Power to the main 66kv lines are elected to be restored today to service and therefore the South and Central community should have power sometime today.

All emergency calls related to the weather situation such as power outages, no heat, and absolute emergency’s can call the Peguis Central School at (204) 645-2164 ext.142 or Dean Cochrane at (204) 308-0016.

The weather system we are experiencing is expected to improve Saturday. We advise community members to restrict travelling unless absolutely necessary. Snow removal is in progress on cross roads as the snow is drifting considerably. Residential driveways, where power outages have occurred, are also being plowed so wellbeing checks can happen. The Peguis Community Hall has been identified as an Emergency Centre for the community if they are experiencing power outages for lengthy amounts of time.

Peguis Emergency Operations Centre will continue to check on Elders in the community to ensure generators are ready in case of power outages. All extra efforts are being made to ensure community safety is in collaboration with Peguis Fire Chief Dean Cochrane.

If you see a downed power line, do not approach or attempt drive over. Report any downed power lines to Dean Cochrane and Manitoba Hydro.

Travel to Winnipeg is not advised, as the road conditions are worse South of community.


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