Families Draw for Lots and New Homes


Peguis Housing Authority held a draw today to allow the 21 new homeowners to decide which lot and house they receive.

A total of 21 homes were built in this new housing project. One by one, the new homeowners took turns picking numbers to decide which lot and home they wanted.

This is the first new housing project of 21 homes on Pinese Road, located on the South end of the reserve. We, as a council, are glad to support our membership in receiving new homes. There is a backlog of 800 new homes for families and today we have completed 40 plus new homes with this project, CMHC and flood units. You can feel the excitement from the new homeowners and this is doubly exciting for Council and our housing board. It is a good day for our community. More houses being planned for 2019!” said Chief Glenn Hudson, Peguis First Nation.


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