Forest Resource Technician (FRT) – Term Position



Reporting directly to Mike Sutherland, Director, Peguis Consultation & Special Projects, the Forest Resource Technician (FRT) is responsible for the delivery and evaluation of timber administration, timber tracking and timber management projects in the region. The SRT will be the Central Region lead auditor of regional timber operations and the lead regional timber scaler for audit scaling, verification and factor sampling.

As required the FRT will develop Forest Management Plans, development and implementation of annual Forest Operating Plan, 5-year Quota plan and Silvicultural plans.


  • Directing timber utilization through means such as interested First Nations for community and own use, commercial timber auction, harvest and or declaration by existing commitment holders (Quota holder) and permit holders.
  • Explore and promote markets/opportunities for improved timber utilization.
  • Explore and promote current technology/research relative to timber processing and utilization.
  • Evaluate and process timber permit applications and other requests for timber to ensure they fit within Peguis Wood Quota and Wood Harvest Plans.
  • Coordinate field audits and check scales of in-bush landings, mills, yards and stockpiles.
  • Track and identify outstanding timber administration report with regional office.
  • Initial contact and inquiry with timber operators.
  • Forest Management / Silviculture (20%)
  • Provide a written report on assessment and recommendations for appropriate land use and forest values related to Crown Land Classification reviews. Track land use changes and impacts to clients and forest sustainability.
  • Provide support to complete silviculture projects and surveys that may include assessment, evaluation, prescription and treatment of forested lands.


  • A diploma in Forestry or Natural Resource Management from a recognized college or university.
  • An active Manitoba scaling licence
  • Ability to work independently and as an active member of the Forestry Team within the Region.
  • Ability to manage and supervise staff.
  • Ability to work with and manage digital data and files including GIS, GPS and data loggers
  • Ability to document detailed procedures and field information, and provides effective, concise written communication.
  • Ability to physically perform the duties assigned.


  • Knowledge of the forest industry in Manitoba related to forest products, utilization and timber movement.
  • Thorough knowledge of Timber Administration policy, procedures and compliance in Manitoba.
  • Proficient skill and knowledge of timber scaling methods.
  • A working knowledge of all aspects of intensive forest management and practices.
  • Ability to communicate with other branches, departments and outside agencies with sensitivity to the impacts of actions or communication.
  • Ability to work under limited day to day supervision.
  • Working knowledge of spreadsheets, GIS, GPS and database systems.
  • Knowledge of sound problem analysis and decision-making methods.

Term position starts: Immediately        Term Ends: September 30, 2022.

Please provide your resume by 5:00pm May 11th, 2022 to the attention of:

Roberta Flett
Consultation Lead/HR Designate
PO Box 10
Peguis, Manitoba R0C 3J0
204.645.2359 ext.108

Please note only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Late applications for this role will not be accepted. Internal applications for this position will only be accepted via email.


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