Graduation 2020


Today is a good day in Peguis First Nation as the community celebrates Peguis Central School Graduating Class of 2020.

“The Past is Behind, Learn from it.
The Future is Ahead, Prepare for it.
The Present is Here, Live it.”

Peguis Central School 2020 Graduation Class

Emily Asham-Thomas
Brittany Bear
James Bear
Jade Calder
Rebecca Cameron
Jesse Cameron-McCorrister
Trenton Cook
Dayna Flett
Ayden Manningway
Brianna Manningway
Adam McKay
Sierra McKay
Olivia McPherson
Chanelle Meldrum
Denell Peebles-Daniels
Jenica Robinson
Anthony Sanderson-Bear
Janel Sinclair
Brooklyn Sinclair-Whiteway
Dysin Spence
Kayla Spence-Thomas
Alexander Stevenson
Casey Stevenson
Shayla Spence-Thomas
Krista Stevenson
Shawntae Stranger
Ayden Sutherland
Darian Sutherland
Wesley Sutherland
Tatum Wahpoosywan
Rainie Wilson


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