Historic Partnership with the Clinic Network Canada Inc.



Winnipeg, Manitoba: September 13, 2018 – Peguis First Nation (Peguis) announced it has entered into a historical investment partnership with The Clinic Network Canada Inc. (TCN). Under the terms of the investment Peguis will have approximately 10% ownership stake in Cura-Can Health Corp., the parent company of TCN. As a result of this investment, Peguis will have, through its holdings in Cura-Can Health Corp., ownership in Pain Management Clinics throughout Canada. Currently, Pain Management Clinics are under construction in Selkirk and Winnipeg, Manitoba, which are the first in a Canada wide expansion strategy.

TCN is a market-leading clinic platform operating in five Canadian provinces, with 12 multi-disciplinary clinics. TCN has developed a “Three Pillar” approach to clinical practice and provides an integrated combination of services to patients for pain management. These Three Pillars include: (i) Pain and Arthritis Management; (ii) Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation; and (iii) Medicinal Cannabis (as the alternative to traditional narcotics). TCN will look to serve Peguis members in the two clinics and through a planned mobile unit that will give access to services for Nation members in remote locations.

Chief Glenn Hudson stated:

As Peguis continues to diversify its investment holders, we are seeking partners open to collaborating in meaningful and tangible ways. TCN’s commitment to building meaningful relationship with First Nations is a model for how true economic reconciliation can be achieved.

This newly formed alliance with TCN, has provided Peguis with direct input and engagement in medical and ancillary services to be provided to its members and will be the platform for access and expansion of specialist pain services to all Canadians moving forward.

TCN’s COO Kim Wei commented:

This strategic relationship positions The Clinic Network Canada to provide access to specialized pain management services to both the Peguis members and the general population. Access to these services and innovative product offerings, are the distinguishing factors that will determine the success of these initiatives and uniquely position TCN and Peguis in the Canadian medical ecosystem. Our commitment to work with Peguis to create a model for all First Nations in Canada would see First Nations take ownership and control of their health care services and needs.

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Ashmede Asgarali,
Cell: 204-981-1857
Email: aasgarali@twcc.ca

Mr. Kim Wei, COO
The Clinic Network Canada Inc.
Cell: 416-806-8170
Email: kim@theclinicnetwork.ca

Peguis First Nation is the largest First Nations community in Manitoba, Canada, with a population of 12,000 members. It is located approximately 145 kilometres North of Winnipeg. The citizens of Peguis are of Saulteaux (Anishinaabe) and Cree descent.


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