Immediate Proactive Plan to Prevent COVID-19 from Entering our Community


Due to confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in Winnipeg, Selkirk, Gimli and Dauphin, Manitoba, travel is not recommended to those locations. Any members travelling to, or returning to Peguis First Nation that have travelled to these areas MUST declare this to the Checkpoint staff. Any person(s) in these vehicles vehicle must go immediately into self-isolation for 14 Days.

Peguis Chief & Council

  • Chief and Council have implemented an immediate TRAVEL BAN for all members from Peguis First Nation to restricted areas such as Winnipeg, Selkirk, Gimli and Dauphin, Manitoba.
  • Chief & Council shall approve a Communication Directive advising all community members of this Travel Ban to restricted areas, Winnipeg, Selkirk, Gimli and Dauphin, Manitoba. 
  • Chief & Council will stress the importance of all community members to be honest and report where they are travelling when leaving Peguis.
  • On direction from Peguis Chief and Council, Peguis Communication Director shall immediately post this new directive on our Peguis Website, Social Media, Peguis Country Rock Radio 102.7, Posters through out our community at local businesses, Pamphlets or leaflets with this information that can be distributed to all persons entering or exiting Peguis at all of our Check Points.
  • Chief & Council will advise that Essential Travel will not be interrupted. (Ex: Essential medical appointments, Manitoba Hydro, emergency vehicles, etc.) This directive will  be re-visited by Chief & Council on an ongoing basis and implemented as needed.
  • Community members leaving Peguis must identify themselves and all occupants in the vehicle. When returning to Peguis, members must enter through the same Check Point exited.
  • Residents of other communities who have travelled to these restricted areas, upon entry of any Peguis Check Points and will be escorted through Peguis First Nation to ensure that they do not stop in our community.

Check Point Staff

  • Check Point Staff will advise all persons leaving Peguis that Winnipeg, Selkirk, Gimli and Dauphin, Manitoba are jurisdictions where there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 and travel to these areas are restricted by Peguis Chief & Council.
  • Persons travelling to Winnipeg, or other communities where Coronavirus has confirmed cases must be warned that they must go into self-isolation for 14 Days when returning to Peguis.
  • Checkpoint Staff will obtain names of all passengers in vehicles that are leaving Peguis.
  • Persons leaving Peguis First Nation are to be warned that they are not allowed to bring any additional persons back to Peguis First Nation upon return.
  • Check Sheets shall be held at the various Check Points until the persons return to Peguis.
  • Persons returning from restricted areas shall be escorted to their residence and be again reminded that they must remain home in self-isolation for 14 days.
  • Lists of persons travelling to restricted areas will be provided to Peguis Health Department.
  • A Travel Pass, if approved, will be issued., e.g., 4 hours, 8 hours, or day pass to areas that are not Restricted Areas. A log shall be kept at each site to monitor and ensure that these individuals exiting our areas are accounted for upon entry of our Check Points.
  • Checkpoints must complete a head count, take names and advise persons leaving Peguis that they must declare in advance if they are planning on bringing any person back to our community when they return; those they are bringing back must be a resident of one of our six communities.
  • Any new passenger at this point must be screened at Check Points prior to being allowed entry onto Peguis First Nation and must be a resident of one of our six communities prior to being allowed entry onto Peguis First Nation.

Peguis Health Department

  • Peguis Health Department shall receive documentation of any persons leaving Peguis First Nation to Winnipeg, Selkirk, Gimli and Dauphin, Manitoba or other Communities that are deemed to be restricted area’s and shall create a list of persons/homes that are in self-isolation with start date and completion date.
  • Peguis Health Department will notify the Emergency Operations Center the names of persons when they are completed their Self Isolation.
  • Peguis Health Department will be responsible for clearing all persons who are on the mandatory 14 day self-isolation.
  • Peguis Health Department shall provide an up to date list of additional communities where they have confirmed cases of the Coronavirus to the Emergency Operations Center so new communities can be added to the Travel Ban List.

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