Income Assistance Rate Changes


New applicant’s appointments are available from February 2, 2023 on.  All required documents are to be provided to the IA office, ID’s can be emailed to the following emails:

Documentation can also be dropped off at the Peguis Band Office.

The IA office voicemail is now actively working.  All calls will be returned within 12-24 hours except for urgent matters.

Reminder: For those who receive formula supplements, all receipts must be equal or close to the amount of $171.06.  No payments will be processed until all receipts are received.

Reminder: For those with children aged 3-17 who are not yet registered with treaty status, the IA office will no longer be reimbursing medication as Grand Medicine is now set up with Jordan’s Principle to assist with medications.  The process is as follows:  Primary parent/guardian requests prescription be sent to Grand Medicine; parent will be required to sign a consent form.  Approval time is 12-24 hours.  If immediate medication is required, it will be assessed.

Retro Payments for single persons, couples with no children payments and disability clients will be issued February 1, 2023.  Retro payments are for November, December 2022 & January 2023.

Rate change for economic is as follows: previous basic need rate $222.00, new rate is now $272.00

Rate change for economic couples, with no children: previous rate $386.00, new rate is now $486.00

Rate change for Disability clients: previous rate $105.00, new rate $130.00

All rate changes are for those who were eligible as per ISC Policy.

This notice is subject to change.

Income Assistance Department
Peguis First Nation
Box 10 Peguis, MB R0C 3J0
204-645-2359 ext. 127
204-645-4581 Fax 



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