Income Assistance Issuance-Reminder


RE: Income Assistance Issuance- Reminder

Please be advised that due to COVID 19 pandemic, to ensure the safety of clientele and staff , the following  protocol has been implemented and will continue to be followed;

  1. Income Assistance Issuance is being given out at pre-determined location to prevent large gatherings of people in one place at any given moment.
  2. All clients are given their Income Assistance for the month. This means that there will be no bi-weekly issuances until further notice. This will be procedure as per status of pandemic. 
  3. There is  NO Purchase Orders until further notice.

We hope that you will understand the need for this protocol in light of this pandemic that we are all facing as community.  Please take necessary precautions to ensure that we are doing our part to prevent this pandemic from hitting our community and ultimately your home.


Peguis First Nation,
Income Assistance


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