Lake Winnipeg – Clean Environment Commission Regulation

“Hearing Directive for Lake Winnipeg Regulation Review”

Community Hearings
Community Hearings will be held in locations around the north and south basins of Lake Winnipeg.

The primary purpose of the community hearings is to hear oral presentations by members of the communities, who may be affected by Lake Winnipeg Regulation. Opportunities will be provided for members of the public to ask questions of Manitoba Hydro about the project.

Community hearings are open to all persons who wish to attend and observe the proceedings. By design, the community hearings will be much less formal than those held in Winnipeg. While formal and/or written presentations will be welcome, the Panel will also engage in conversation with community members to hear their concerns.

For more information you can visit the Clean Environment Commission web site about the Lake Winnipeg Regulation hearings.

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship

Manitoba Hydro Corporation

* Supper will be available for hearing attendees and participants. *

Please RSVP to either

Lisa Stevenson
204-645-2359 and leave a message with reception.


Jared Whelan