Manitoba Goose Hunters Notice – Avian Influenza Virus


Dear Manitoba Goose Hunters:

The avian influenza virus is a contagious viral infection that can affect domestic and wild birds throughout the world.

On March 28, 2022 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed the presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI), subtype H5N1, in a poultry flock in southern Ontario. Jurisdictions immediately south of Manitoba along the flyways have also reported cases of avian influenza. 

Detailed information about avian influenza in wild birds is available from the Government of Canada website located at You are encouraged to visit the website to learn more about avian influenza and what it means to you as a hunter.

If you come across a dead bird, do not touch the bird. Please report any findings of dead birds in Manitoba to the TIP Line at 1-800-782-0076. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to monitor this issue while you are out on the land.

You can continue to hunt waterfowl during the Spring Goose Season, but should take the following precautions when handling any game meat:

  • Cook game meat thoroughly, to an internal temperature of approximately 74°C (165° F).
  • Follow safe food handling practices such as hand washing and keeping game products separate from other food products to avoid cross contamination.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling raw game products.
  • Thoroughly clean contaminated surfaces on tools, work areas, and clothing.

To learn more about avian influenza, you are encouraged to visit the Government of Canada websites:

If you have further questions you can email us at or call us at 204-945-6784 or 1-800-214-6497.



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