Membership Notice


The Peguis Band Membership List must be updated regularly. It is important that the addresses of all Peguis Band Members be up to date and accurate.

Address Change

If an individual has moved to a new address, it is that individual’s responsibility to update their address with the Membership Office.

If you, or a member of your family, are a Peguis Band Member living off-reserve, and you have not been receiving information from Peguis First Nation, please contact Membership Officer, Dawn M. Sinclair, at 204-645-2359 or toll free 1-866-645-2359 to update your current information.

Recording a Name Change

If an individual has recently married or divorced and wishes to change his/her name, he/she must provide a marriage or divorce certificate to the Membership Office before a change of name can be entered.

Recording a Death

No individual can be taken off of the Indian Registry System or Membership List without documentation provided to the Membership Office. The family must provide the office with a Certificate of Death, Burial, or Cremation.

If you have questions or concerns in regards to Membership please contact:

Dawn M. Sinclair, IRA/Membership Officer
Phone: 204-645-2359
Toll free: 1-866-645-2359
Fax: 204-645-2360


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