Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Unless otherwise posted)

Certificates of Indian Status

Please be advised that the Membership Office will be issuing Certificates of Indian Status (status cards) on a daily basis (if available).

Note: Those who are travelling are asked to call Dawn Sinclair, Membership Officer, in advance to confirm that there are status cards available at (204) 645-2359 extension 4029.

Application for Band Membership

As of 1985, Peguis First Nation became a Section 10 Band. This means that there are two (2) lists that the Band must maintain:

1. Registry List
This is where an individual receives their registration number (example 269 00000 01). This entitles individuals to health, prescription drugs, dental, vision (all these determined by First Nations Inuit Health- FNIH, not your band) and post-secondary benefits (based on available funds).

2. Band Membership List
This entitles individuals the right to vote in all matters pertaining to their First Nation. It also entitles an individual to live on reserve and housing on reserve (based on availability)

If you have young children or have recently received a letter from the Registrar of Indian Affairs confirming your reinstatement to Indian Status with Peguis, please fill out a Membership Application. Once completed, please forward to the Peguis Band Office via mail or fax:

Peguis Indian Band
Attn: Dawn M. Sinclair
P.O Box 10
Peguis, MB R0C 3J0
Fax: (204) 645-2360

LINK: Download an Application for Membership

LINK: Download the Membership Code

Current Mailing Address

Update of Membership List:
Our Membership List must be updated regularly. From time to time Peguis Chief and Council have distributed informational material and newsletters in an attempt to keep members informed on current issues.

It is then important that the addresses of all Members of Peguis on the Membership list be up to date and accurate. If you, or a member of your family, are a Peguis Band Member, living off-reserve, and you have not been receiving information from Peguis First Nation, please contact Membership Officer, Dawn Sinclair, at (204)645-2359 or toll free at 1-866-645-2359 to have your information updated.

Membership Committee

Wayne Bird
Rose Bear
Eunice Manningway
Sylvia McKay
Peggy Williams
Laura Felix
Blair Cooke
Kim Sinclair
Kim Sutherland

Questions Regarding Membership

For further information on Membership, please contact:

Primary Contact;
Dawn M. Sinclair, Indian Registry Administrator/Membership Officer

Phone: (204) 645-2359
Fax: (204) 645-2360
Toll free: 1 (866) 645-2359