Mental Health Update


Greetings friends and family, this is Bill Thomas sending you some words of encouragement and inspiration as we go trough this challenging and stressful time. Mental Health Support Services continue to service community members with our team consisting of; Patricia Caribou. Darrell Bear, Alice Williams, Lloyd Sutherland and myself. It is important to look after our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Any members in need of Mental Health Services, please call us 24/7 at (204) 999-5414. 

Our Team

Bill Thomas, MSW, FT, CCC, CCC-S, RSW
(204) 999-5414

Darrel Bear  
(204) 771-6419

Patricia Caribou
(204) 771-3380

Lloyd Sutherland
(204) 308-8103

Alice Williams
(204) 308-2154

Chris Stranger

Patricia McCorrister
(204) 308-2292


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