National Nurses Week


National Nurses Week this week, May 11 to 15, 2020

Today, May 13, 2020 was Indigenous Nurses Day. 

Nurses work in many areas serving people from minor to major health issues. They serve in places like the ICU to administration. They put themselves on the line and at risk as they  make that choice ahead of family at times. Alot of nurses have made the choice to stay within our First Nations communities to serve our people. They work long days and at times in thankless roles and situations. On this day, they help in many different ways to help fight the pandemic. Out nurses show up to work every day to serve our people and communities. Want to give thanks to our front line workers including the many great Nurses! 

Today, we want to give thanks for our Nurses this week and all that you do, today for Indigenous Nurses Day! 


Peguis Chief Glenn Hudson and Council


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