NDP commits to build North Interlake Training Centre


Premier Greg Selinger and Tom Nevakshonoff paid a visit to Peguis First Nation today to announce a North Interlake Training Centre, which would be a partnership between Fisher River Cree Nation, Peguis First Nation and the RM of Fisher.

We were very pleased to hear the news and commitment towards building a North Interlake Training Centre. This is a very exciting time for our youth; as it brings training and employment opportunities.” said Chief Cindy Spence. “It is not only an investment to our region, but to our future as well.

Below is news release from Today’s NDP.

NDP commits to build North Interlake Training Centre

Will help young people prepare for the good jobs our strong economy is creating

A re-elected NDP government is committed to work in close partnership with Peguis First Nation, Fisher River Cree Nation, and the RM of Fisher to build a regional training centre in Hodgson to provide skills training and create job opportunities for residents of the Interlake, NDP leader Greg Selinger announced today.

“We are focused on making sure that young Manitobans get the training they need to take advantage of good jobs and build their futures right here at home,” Selinger said. “This training centre would make sure that young people in the north Interlake have these same opportunities and prepare them good jobs in high-demand fields to prepare them for successful careers.”

The new North Interlake Training Centre would teach post-secondary training programs for jobs that are in high-demand in the region including autonomic technician, aboriginal language specialist, environmental technology and conservation tourism, financial management, HVAC, and building inspection, as well as literacy training said Selinger.

“Everyone deserves a fair chance to get the education they need to get a good job and build a bright future,” said Chief David Crate of Fisher River Cree Nation. “This is a major commitment to the future of our community and to our young people.”

The 19,000-square-foot facility would be owned and managed in partnership between Fisher River Cree Nation, Peguis First Nation, and the RM of Fisher. This model would mean the communities who benefit from this training centre will be the ones making meaningful decisions, said Selinger. He added that programing at the centre would be delivered by accredited institutions like Red River College.

“Brian Pallister and the Conservatives will make cuts to education, cuts to infrastructure, and cancel Manitoba Hydro projects,” said Tom Nevakshonoff, your NDP candidate for Interlake. “These risky decisions would throw Manitobans out of work and eliminate opportunities for young people in the Interlake.”

“The provincial Liberals’ plans just don’t make sense,” added Nevakshonoff. “They want to delay flood protection projects, which would have serious consequences for the Interlake and put families and communities at risk.”

The province already provides $700k for training programs in Peguis First Nation and Fisher River Cree Nation with Red River College and today’s announcement builds on this commitment to make sure Manitobans living in the north not only have access to good jobs, but also the training needed to get them.

The NDP government has made steady progress on improving education and training opportunities for jobs that matter for regular Interlake families, such as programs for health care aides, early childhood education, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, business administration, power engineering and facilities pre-employment training and adult education. Some of these programs could be relocated to the new North Interlake Training Centre once it’s up and running.

The estimated cost of the North Interlake Training Centre is $7.5 million.


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