New Personal Care Home Project Report



Submitted by: Elva McCorrister, Peguis PCH Consultant,
November 25, 2015


• Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) completed studies on all Personal Care on First Nations Reserves in Manitoba to bring them up to provincial PCH standards. Study was done in 2006 for upgrades to the Peguis Senior Centre and it was not possible or feasible to attempt to renovate existing facility. It was further recommended that Peguis Senior Centre be replaced with a new Personal Care Home with a commitment of 3.5 million from AANDC based on the funding upgrade provided at the time.
• Another study was completed in August 2014 by Sever Lupu, Construction Consultants which confirms that the previous AANDC commitment of 3.5 million has now escalated to 12 million to build the new forty bed Personal Care Home.
• Chief and Council signed a BCR March 2014 approving application to Surrender Trust for funding to build a new PCH for Peguis


• The new Leadership of Chief and Council signed a further BCR June 2015 approving application to Surrender Trust for funding to build a new PCH for Peguis as one of the priorities of the community and Leadership.
• Costs of completing the PCH building structure with all soft and hard costs estimated to be $28million based on Mb PCH building standards.
• BDO contracted to complete financial analysis on construction costs and operating projections. We are now at scenario number four on projections and presentations to AANDC and to Surrender Trust for Funding of new PCH. Negotiations are ongoing with AANDC.
• Three point five million (3.5 million) requested from Surrender Trust with the remaining request of 8.5 million over ten years or from other funding sources. BDO is still working out these projections which will be presented to the community.
• The additional funding of 12 million is being worked out and negotiated through AANDC with possible other funding sources i.e. mortgage.
• Working with Peguis Senior Centre, AANDC, Mb Health and Regional Health Authority to develop and put in place operating standards for a Licence Agreement with the province, Regional Health Authority and Manitoba Health.
• Site has been identified for the new Personal Care Home (PCH) and confirmation letter from Chief/Council confirming the location as committed for the new PCH by the Peguis Band. Peguis Lands department is completing the Lands Designation process.
• The Peguis Senior Centre Executive Director will be fully involved in the process and signing off on the PCH Project and the funding which will flow through the Peguis Senior Centre.
• Topographical Survey tendered and completed for the proposed site of new PCH
• Geotechnical Testing tendered and completed on environmental Assessments of Grounds of new site.


• June 18, 2015 Chief & Council along with working group met with the RDG John de Francesco, AANDC on funding of the new PCH for Peguis. The RDG tasked a working group from the AANDC Regional office to work along with the Peguis group to prepare a submission and presentation to Ottawa.
• Ottawa meeting planned for early December 2015 for funding for new PCH. Chief & Council are looking at other Financial Funding options for consideration such as a Mortgage
• Ongoing work with the Architects and community on model for new PCH and in developing Standards to meet licencing requirements
• Revised Application resubmitted to Surrender Trust with additional information resubmitted June and again on November 01, 2015.
• Trust Manager to set up meeting with Surrender Trust Community Fund Trustees to present the Business Plan on the new PCH for Peguis Elders. Tentative date is December 12, 2015. The Peguis PCH Working Group will present to Community Fund Trustee’s on the PCH project which includes all Studies, Need & Demand Studies, Financial Analysis and Projections, Functional Programing and Preliminary Designs.
• Once Surrender Trustee’s approve the new Peguis PCH it will go to a community vote for approval.



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