Peguis Central School Student Assessment Plan


RE:      Peguis Central School Student Assessment Plan

The Peguis Central School administration and support staff (Resource, Teachers and Educational Assistants) have been meeting through the months of August and September to address the needs of our students, families and community in general.  This epic flooding event throughout the spring of 2022 has impacted many aspects of life within our community.

We recognize the devastating and long-term flooding impacts upon family homes.  We still have a large number of families evacuated are residing in the hotels in Winnipeg and Selkirk.

The administration and support personnel have developed a plan to conduct a school wide assessment for all students including the flood evacuated students.  This team is comprised of specialized teachers from our Resource Department and Literacy Specialists.   This school wide assessment will assist our school in program planning and identifying gaps that may have developed due to closures for Covid and Flooding.  This assessment will be comprised of two core areas; English and Math.

All students currently in class at Peguis Central School will be assessed by the Assessment Team and the home room teacher by the end of September.

The Assessment Team will also travel to Winnipeg to provide assessment and programming to our flood evacuated students on September 23, 24 & 25, 2022.

  1. All Flood Evacuated Students must complete a registration form in order for the assessment to be conducted. Registration forms will be available with each hotel coordinator. Please ensure you attach a copy of your child’s identification (status card, Manitoba health)
  2. Our assessment team will be setting up at a classroom at one of the hotels in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (All evacuated families will be notified of the location)
  3. Transportation to attend the assessment for flood evacuated students will be provided by Red Cross.

In closing, the education department is committed in providing the best educational services throughout these trying times.  We understand that there are many evacuated families in different stages of returning to the community.  We want to ensure that students returning to Peguis Central School will have a smooth transition.  Please make contact with your child’s homeroom teacher or the Assessment Team for any educational services that your child may require.



Carrie Sutherland
Education Director


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