Peguis Connects Inc.


APRIL 8, 2020


Peguis Chief and Council are pleased to announce technological infrastructure advancements with the launching of Peguis Connects Inc. which is Peguis First Nation own free public Wi-Fi system. Peguis Connects Inc. is a new Public Wi-Fi system (Hotspots) which is located at the Peguis Multi-Plex. The Wi-Fi system is based on similar systems in Winnipeg such as Shaw Go Wi-fi or MTS Hotspots. It allows for smart phones and other Wi-Fi capable devices to automatically connect to Hi-speed internet when in range.

The new system which uses a fibre optic cable system that runs to the arena complex. Access to Wi-Fi system is open to all and is fully capable of connecting hundreds of devices at the same time. The network that is being used for this Hi-speed access will be used in developing future access points through-out Peguis First Nation with the plans for next hub to be located at Peguis Mall.

Never before did Peguis First Nation have access to reliable internet or capabilities to address our technological improvements needed for our Nation” said Chief Hudson. “In our increasingly connected and digital world, being disconnected means being at disadvantage. We continue to make advancements to bring our First Nation online and we hope to have the additional hotspots completed over the next couple of months. We hope that this will also help families and community members stay connected to members or loved ones outside of our community as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Peguis Chief and Council


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