Peguis First Nation Constitution


Dear Peguis Membership,

We are engaging in a process to develop a Peguis First Nation Constitution and want membership to be part of the process. At this time, we are planning to have meetings in Peguis, but also in Winnipeg and Selkirk in the near future. Due to the Covid restrictions these meetings may be done virtual.

Elders’ (60+) are being asked to be pa1i of this process. If you are interested in being part of this very important project please call the Peguis Band office 204-645-2359. Please leave your name, number and email if possible and you will be contacted when this first meeting will take place.

We would also like for the Youth of Peguis (15 – 25yrs old) to be part of the first initial meeting along with the Elders’, so please call and leave your information at the band office.


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