Peguis First Nation Road Safety


Information for all the Peguis FN community members: regarding all roads/highways throughout the community which is used by children, youth, adults and seniors either by vehicles, bicycles, walking or running.

Please note that the roads/highways are not only for vehicles but are shared by pedestrians and bicycles. All Peguis FN Community members who drive vehicles please share the road when approaching or meeting a pedestrian by slowing down and moving over to the opposite lane (if allowed or wait until you can move into opposite lane). Unfortunately vehicles do not pull over. The sides of the roads are very narrow for both vehicle & pedestrians. The edge of the road is not safe; as there is broken glass, big chunks of broken pavement, large stones, and garbage, which is dangerous for the pedestrian. And for the gravel because of the dust and flying stones caused by vehicles travelling too fast.

Included for road safety also are the dogs that chase vehicles, bikes and pedestrians. Please ensure your dog is fenced in or restrained.

Please Note that a bicycle has the same rights as a vehicle. Bicycle riders ride their bikes same side as the vehicle and Pedestrians walk/run the opposite side (always facing traffic).

Please visit MPI website ( or call 1(888) 767-7640 and you can receive booklets on bicycle safety and road safety.

Let’s all make our roads a much safer place


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