Peguis First Nation Surrender Claim Trust Supports Off-Reserve Members During the COVID-19 Crisis


PEGUIS FIRST NATION, April 21, 2020 – The Peguis Surrender Claim Trust Community Fund Trustees announce a contribution of $250,000 for the COVID-19 crisis to support and supplement the Peguis Chief and Council’s recent commitment to assist the members of Peguis First Nation that reside Off-Reserve.

This funding is similar and equitable to the funding provided by Indigenous Services Canada and the Peguis Chief and Council for On-Reserve members.  The Trust monies will be used to supplement funding committed by Peguis Chief and Council of $200 for each household and $75 for single individuals, equal to the emergency assistance provided to On-Reserve members.

During these critical and desperate times, the safety and health of our membership is foremost in our minds.  It is important that we support and supplement crisis emergency funding for the benefit of our Off-Reserve membership to ensure a fair and equitable access to resources.

The Community Fund Trustees and Financial Trustees are thankful for the opportunity to assist and support the members of Peguis First Nation during these crucial times, with the resources provided through the prudent investment and management of the Trust funds. 

We acknowledge the Peguis First Nation Chief and Council, in cooperation with the Community Services Department and the Peguis Emergency Response Team for the application of funding to assist and support Peguis Members during these critical times.

To register for one (1) COVID-19 Off-Reserve Emergency Assistance, please call: (204) 645-5797 or (204) 645-3689 or (204) 645-3677, fax (204) 645-3686 or email address for documents:

Please call between 9:00 am – 5:00pm to register.

 Peguis First Nation Surrender Claim Trust Community Fund Trustees

Hal Sutherland, Co-Chair
Lloyd Sinclair, Co-Chair
Robert Delorme, Trustee


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