Peguis First Nation Votes in Favour of Land Designation at 1075 Portage


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 14, 2016


Winnipeg, Manitoba – Peguis First Nation has taken a significant step towards creating an Urban Economic Development Zone within the City of Winnipeg. The community held a referendum vote for a land designation on January 13, 2016 with polling stations located at 1075 Portage Avenue and in the Peguis Reserve 1B.

The overwhelming majority (98%) of eligible Peguis First Nation members who cast ballots, voted in favour of designating the land at 1075 Portage Avenue. Broadly speaking, the purpose of the Designation is to allow for the Property to be leased for a variety of purposes. The Designation is one of the many steps required to convert the land to reserve.

We are pleased with the results,” stated Nathan McCorrister, Executive Director, Peguis First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Implementation Unit. “We purchased 1075 Portage Avenue in May of 2014 as part of the Peguis TLE Land Acquisition Strategy and this vote plays an integral role in achieve our goal of creating an urban reserve.

The land covers approximately 3.5 acres on Portage Avenue at Dominion Street, the former site of MPI/Driver’s Licensing that includes over 200 parking stalls. It currently houses the CP Business Centre. A 69,000 square foot office complex that has been renovated to accommodate over a dozen entities including high-profile tenants such as; Peguis First Nation, First Peoples Economic Growth Fund, Creative Retirement, and the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce. The remaining suites in the building are open for all professional future tenants.

This vote shows our desire to reclaim our traditional lands in Treaty 1 Territory,” added Chief Cindy Spence. “This economic development zone launches the presence of Peguis First Nation within the City of Winnipeg. It will not only help our community, but will be a tremendous asset to the City of Winnipeg.

Peguis First Nation identified the need to develop a strategy to help advance the community now and for future generations. The Peguis First Nation Comprehensive Community Plan has been fundamental in bringing the vision for Peguis First Nation into reality. The plan identifies goals and objectives in regards to TLE and economic development. The referendum vote is a clear indication that Peguis First Nation is one step closer to realizing their goals and vision of the future.


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