Peguis Graduation 2015


Tuesday, June 23, 2015, marked Graduation Day for Peguis Central School as a total of 38 students graduated. The theme for this year’s ceremony was “An Evening in Paris”. Graduation ceremonies were held at Peguis Arena Multiplex followed by a dinner for graduates and guests.

Class of 2015

Franklin Bear
Jenine Bignell
Cassidy Bird
Ethan Bird
Sasha Bruyere
Kassidy Brooks
Alvin Cameron
Stoane Campbell
Brett Crate
Brandon Daniels
Grayson Favel
Piercing Flett
Ricki Flett
David Govereau
Sasha Krywenko
Destiny McCallum
Jonah McCorrister
Cureston McKay
Audy Penner
Noah Robinson
Ashley Spence
Austin Spence
Kelly Spence
Paige Spence
Dakota Stevenson
Heather Stevenson
Megan Stevenson
Reuben Stevenson
Yvonne Stevenson
Amanda Flett-Stranger
Bobbie Lynn Sutherland
Katilynd Sutherland
Kayla Sutherland
Kelly Sutherland
Marissa Sutherland
Carly Traverse
Dakota Wilson
Jessica Wilson

The Class of 2015 Gives Thanks To:

Our families/parents for the support and encouragement along the way.

Our teachers who pushed us, encouraged us, scolded us and supported us throughout this journey.

Karen Courchene who coordinated the fundraising and graduation to make our graduation memorable.

Susan Hudson for her dedication in ensuring decorations were made and completed.

The Graduation Committee who helped to make our vision for our grad a reality.

Everyone who came out to decorate, and in particular to Cindy Sutherland for ensuring the vision was carried through.

Carrie Sutherland, Director of Education and the Peguis School Board for all their support throughout our years at Peguis Central School.

Lezley Sutherland, our keynote speaker and role model

Our friends, those graduated and those yet to graduation, for all the support and friendship through the years.

And to the community of Peguis.

Miigwetch, thank you!


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