Peguis Identifies Local R.C.M.P. to Receive Vaccine


Peguis First Nation COVID-19 Pandemic Team has identified local R.C.M.P. as essential workers in the community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

R.C.M.P. officers are here to protect our communities, they are in our community and are in close contact with our members, it is in everyone’s best interest that these officers are vaccinated and safe” said Denise Bear, Nurse in Charge for Peguis Public Health. “We feel very honored to provide this vaccine to R.C.M.P., and want to encourage other communities in Canada to provide vaccines to local R.C.M.P. staff. 

Peguis First Nation made the vaccine available to local R.C.M.P. members last week at the start of the Mass Vaccine Clinic currently taking place at the Peguis Multiplex. A total of 8 R.C.M.P. Officers and 2 Detachment Services Assistants have received the Moderna vaccine in Peguis.


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