Peguis in Flood Preparation Mode


The Provincial Flood Forecast was released in February 2019 initiating Peguis to begin flood preparations. This flood preparation stage includes snow removal, ice chipping, excavating, sandbagging, etc. to assist in preparing for overland flooding in flood prone areas.

The 150 most flood prone houses in the community will be the focus for the Flood Preparation Mode.

The Flood Preparation Mode will employ over 150 band members. Four crews of 25 band members per crew will begin brushing in and around the areas that are susceptible to flooding. After the brushing is completed, local contractors will begin snow removal from homes in the flood zone areas, ice chipping and excavating ditches for faster drainage.

This project will continue until the Peguis Emergency Operations Centre announces a new phase or any changes.

For those members interested in employment during flood, the Peguis Emergency Operations Centre is accepting applications for Heavy Equipment Operators. Applications can be picked up and submitted at the Peguis Emergency Operations Centre located inside the Peguis Recreation Centre.

Members are being asked to start checking sump pumps and septic fields. Elders that need assistance can call the Peguis Emergency Operations Centre at (204) 645-4582.

The Peguis Emergency Operations Centre will announce any more updates on employment opportunities depending on forecasts and water levels.


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