Peguis Moves Back to CODE RED

Beginning 6:00 a.m. Saturday, January 9, 2021 Peguis First Nation will be lifting the COVID-19 Community Lockdown and entering Code Red. Code Red will remain in effect until February 9, 2021.
Peguis First Nation remains under a State of Emergency and Code Red restrictions are in effect. Current restrictions are:
• Provincial Restrictions are in effect, please be aware of Manitoba’s Code Red.
• Check Points at community entrances will remain in place.
• Community Curfew 10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. Check Points closed during Curfew.
• Restricted access at Check Points.
• Off-reserve members & Visitors not permitted at this time.
• Avoid Restricted Hot Spots including Winnipeg and southern communities. Restricted Hot Spots are updated daily, please visit for updates.
• Stay at home order.
• No visiting with anyone self-isolating.
• Stick to your household “bubble”.
• Gatherings no more than 5 immediate and extended families.
• Reduced staff.
• Reduced customer capacity in businesses.
• Religious and cultural gatherings remain closed or provided virtually only.
• Restricted Travel Out of Province.
• Travel for essential services only.
• Designate one (1) household shopper for essentials. Members are encouraged to travel no further than Selkirk (curb side pick-up), Gimli, Riverton, Arborg, Ashern, Fisher Branch for shopping.
• Please, if anyone is having any COVID symptoms they are to self-isolate and do not have contact with anyone until your swab results are back. Put a mask on and wear that until your results are back, health will have further direction for you.
• Businesses will return to regular hours (Midway closes at 9:00 pm daily).
Fines for Breaking Public Health Orders: R.C.M.P. is issuing fines to anyone who is not following public health orders put in place by the Public Health Act. These fines include:
• $1,296 fines issued to anyone who is not following emergency orders in place by the Public Health Act. This includes anyone that does not self-isolate when directed by public health or to a homeowner that is caught hosting a house party.
• $5,000 fines for corporations disobeying the Public Health Act.
• $298 fines issued for not wearing a mask in a public place.
Chief and Council, Peguis Public Health and the Peguis COVID-19 Pandemic Team would like to thank the entire community for successfully eliminating community transmission of COVID-19 in Peguis First Nation. We will continue to fight this pandemic together, as a community.
More announcements on recreation will be announced in the future.
These safety measures may be changed at any time, if cases rise in the community, by Peguis Pandemic Team. Thank you and stay safe!
Peguis Pandemic Team
COVID-19 Emergency Directory
24/7 Peguis COVID-19 Hotline: (204) 645-2869 or (204) 645-4738 or
Peguis Health Centre: (204) 645-2169
Peguis Housing Emergency: (204) 308-1324

Peguis Facebook:
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