Peguis Personal Care Home Visitation Guidelines


Peguis Personal Care Home 

Visitation Guidelines as of March 31, 2021

The purpose of this Visitation Guidelines to ensure safe visits for both the residents of Peguis Personal Care Home (PSC) and family members.


1) Applications must be submitted a minimum of 2 days prior to requested time for approval. No travel to any restricted zones 4 days leading up to visitation is recommended.

2) Minimal people recommended in household during visits. Household cannot have any symptomatic people. 

3) Agreeable time frame of visit. 

4) No travel to hotspots or out of Province within past 14 days. 

5) No contact with positive cases or positive households within past 14 days.

6) PSC resident must stay in community and travel directly from PSC to household location with no other stops.

7) Upon returning to Peguis Personal Care Home, a COVID-19 rapid test will be done prior to contact with any residents. If symptomatic, a second rapid test is required on 4th day.

8) Returning residents must self-isolate for 4 days and a negative COVID-19 rapid test result.

9) Please ensure face mask is worn when not eating or drinking and to utilize hand sanitizer.

10) Approval process is also dependent on current COVID-19 cases in the community and on the recommendations of the Peguis COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Team.

11) All passes could be retracted at any time where increased risk can arise at any time in the community.


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