Peguis Road Repairs


Peguis Road Repairs: May 30 – Jun 3, 2022

Please be advised that road repairs this week have been paused due to present weather further impacting road conditions. The Colorado low passing by our area, combined with already compromised road conditions, make it impossible for heavy equipment and gravel trucks to operate safely on our roadways. 

Once road repairs resume we ask that the general public exercise caution when driving in construction areas. Most Peguis roads (including all provincial roads in and around PFN) have incurred serious damage from recent flooding so it would be safe to travel at slower than normal speeds as travelling excessively fast on rough or soft road conditions  may result in a motor vehicle accident or damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Please observe safe/slow travel around Public Works equipment and gravel trucks. Ensure through eye contact and hand signals with operators and drivers that they are aware of your presence. Traffic control will be present in high traffic areas or where it is otherwise required due to safety issues.

Washouts and severely damaged roads will continue to be priorities for road repairs at this time. Major damage to driveways will be considered as well. However, minor or routine maintenance of private driveways will remain under the home owners responsibility. Contact info for gravel suppliers and contractors for driveway maintenance can be requested through contacting Public Works at 204-308-0353 or 431-998-3867.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Please remember to slow down when coming upon road crews, equipment and trucks performing repairs to our roadways.

Miigwetch, Ekosi & thank you.


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