Peguis Traditional Tobacco


We sat down with Carl McCorrister, of Peguis Community Garden, to find out more information about Peguis Traditional Tobacco.

How did Peguis First Nation begin growing it’s own Tobacco?

We met an elder who grew his own tobacco and discussed how it was done. We asked for some seeds to try growing ourselves. That was two years ago.

We started with one row of Hopi Tobacco, which we grew the first year. Now, we have our own seeds which we grow in the Community Garden.

Last year, we expanded the amount of tobacco being planted in the garden.

How long has Peguis First Nation been growing it’s own Tobacco?

2016 will be Peguis’s 3rd season with Tobacco.

What is the tobacco used for?

The tobacco is used strictly for traditional purposes.

We give organizations to give as gifts, we give members for there own purposes (funeral, wake, give thanks, etc.), we provide tobacco for Pow Wow and we provide tobacco as a gift to visitors to the community.

What are some of the future goals?

We would like to grow more, there is a growing demand from organizations that use it.

The Peguis Community Garden is looking for donations for the 2016 growing season and always welcome volunteers. Please contact Donna Sutherland at Peguis Development Corporation for more information.


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