Petition to Repair 1 Provincial Road #224

The background to this petition is as follows:
1. Provincial Road number 224 serves Peguis First Nation, Fisher River Cree Nation and surrounding communities. The road is in need of substantial repairs.
2. The road has been in poor condition for years and has numerous potholes, uneven driving surfaces, and extremely narrow shoulders.
3. Due to recent population growth in the area, there has been increased vehicular and pedestrian use of PR 224.
4. Without repair, PR 224 will continue to pose a hazard to the many Manitobans who use it regularly.
5. Concerned Manitobans are requesting that PR 224 be assessed and repaired urgently to improve safety for its users.
We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as follows:
To urge the Minister of Infrastructure to complete an assessment of PR 224 and implement the appropriate repairs using public funds as quickly as possible.
*Petition can be signed at security desk at Peguis Band Office.

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