Provincial Fire Restrictions Update


Provincial Burning Permit Restriction
Level 2 Fire and Travel Restriction

Area: 5       Region: EASTERN

Provincial Burning Permits:
* All existing Provincial Burning Permits are CANCELLED and new permits will not be issued

Level 2 Fire and Travel Restrictions:
* Motorized backcountry travel, including ATVs and other off-road vehicles, is prohibited unless under the authority of a travel permit
* camping is restricted to developed campgrounds
* campfires are permitted only between the hours of 8PM and 8AM
* wayside parks remain open
* landing and launching is restricted to developed shorelines only
* industry and outfitters should contact local Conservation and Climate offices for more information

Exercise caution when outdoors.

* Monitor extinguished outdoor fires to ensure they remain out.
* Always ensure your fires, including campfires and warming fires, are completely out.
* Drown, stir and repeat until cold.

Prevent equipment caused wildfires:

* Keep machinery clean and in good repair. Avoid driving/parking in long cured grass.

It is an offence to have an outdoor fire in the Burning Permit Area during the wildfire season without a burning permit. You could be fined up to $10000 ($50000 for corporations) if found guilty of an offence. You could be liable for the costs of putting out a wildfire if you are found to be burning without a permit.07


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