Recovery Information of a Positive COVID-19 Case


NEW Information about COVID-19 Recovery

Positive COVID-19 cases have a mandatory 10 days for self-isolation. This starts from when the individual first felt sick or the day they had a test swab with a positive COVID-19 result.  An individual must also be symptom free for 24 hours before completing their mandatory 10 days of self-isolation.

The recovered person must still wear a mask, social distance and wash hands or sanitize when going out in public.

Indigenous Services Canada and Manitoba Health have determined that anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 may have immunity for 3 months.  This person can then become the “designated shopper” for their family. Now, the family starts their 14-day self-isolation after last point of contact with a positive.

Isolate with your family may extend your isolation period.  It is advised that people self-isolate away from family to shorten the isolation period for everyone.

Isolation is 14 days from last point of contact with a positive COVID-19 case.

Peguis Public Health reminds members to always follow Manitoba Health Guidelines of wearing a face mask, social distancing and hand washing and sanitizing hands when in public.

You may see people that had COVID-19 in public, just don’t be nervous as they are no longer considered contagious. Continue to be safe!

Peguis Public Health


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