Signing Ceremony


On Oct. 1, at 10:00 a.m. Peguis First Nation Arena Committee and NDL Construction Ltd. signed a contract for a new arena complex to be built in Peguis with a total project cost of approximately $16 million. Present at the Peguis Flood Centre were Chief Glenn Hudson, trust committees, representation from contractors, council, design engineers, and architects.

“This has been years in the planning, and it’s finally coming to fruition now,” said Glen Cochrane, General Manager of CP Construction.

The province is providing funding of $5.6 million and an application has been submitted to the federal government for another $5.6 million. The Surrender Claim Trust will cover $10.6 million in construction costs.

“We’ve been waiting since 2007, when our arena burnt down, we’ve been working at it the last four years” said Chief Glenn Hudson, Peguis First Nation. “Now the money is in place.”

The new Peguis Community Multiplex and Recreation Facility will be state of the art and host exercise, sports and entertainment and includes a steam room and sauna in stage one development. There are two other phases, one that will include a pool. NDL Construction (general contractor for the complex) are the contractors secured for the work.

“It will be the Cadillac of recreation centres in Manitoba. It will be the most environmentally friendly facility in all of Manitoba as far as recreation complexes, and for us we have a responsibility as First Nations to continue to promote sustainable development and environmentally practices,” explained Hudson.

The complex will seat 2,200 people and be available for conferences and concerts. Hudson assures that it is the largest facility in the Interlake outside of the city of Winnipeg and people in Peguis are very excited about it.
“It’s meant to help continued growth and development of our infrastructure and our community, it’s meant for use as a gathering place which we have missed over the last five years and most importantly to us all it’s symbolic of Peguis in terms of our hockey programs and obviously our youth are going to benefit many years into the future from this facility,” said Hudson.

He added that it was an exciting time for the almost 9,000 members of Peguis First Nations and has involved a lot of hard work and planning. The target date is one year from now with construction already begun last week. Many of the skill sets needed to complete the project are found in Peguis and its new construction project, Chief Peguis Construction which is subcontracting under NDL Construction.

Chief Peguis Construction is created and owned by Peguis First Nations and utilizes the expertise and skill sets already in place within Peguis. Carpenters, electricians, bricklayers and heavy equipment operators are only a few of the professional trades that will encompass Chief Peguis Construction. This project falls under the Chief Peguis Investment Corporation.

“It’s great, they (people in Peguis First Nation) are excited and certainly optimistic and can’t wait until the new facility is open,” added Hudson.


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