Wake and Funeral Services in Peguis

Peguis Health Centre staff are assisting families with wake and funeral services by providing:
• Face masks, mandatory for everyone in attendance
• Hand sanitizer
Funeral Guidelines:
1) Capacity Limit: Following the Provincial guidelines, a maximum gathering size of 5 immediate family members for funeral service.
2) Dinners: Dinners will be limited to plates to go or takeout, there will be no sit down dinners until further notice.
2) Social Distancing: Social distancing is mandatory.
3) Screening: Everyone attending a funeral will be screened prior to entry.
Please contact the 24-7 Peguis COVID-19 Emergency Centre at (204) 645-2869 or or (204) 645-4738 prior to attending Wake Services or Funerals in the community. Health staff asks those in charge of the Wake Services or Funerals to record all names and phone numbers of those attending.
Families can set up Facetime or Facebooklive for those that cannot attend. This will be up to the family to set up and provide.
For more information, please contact:
Sherry Asham (204) 308-0162
Courtney Cameron (204) 308-0463
Charmaine Raynor (431) 767-0466

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